Campbell Newman’s 2012 campaign song sounds remarkably like the song Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows, which was released in 2004 and forms part of the Shrek 2 soundtrack. This video shows an audio comparison of the two.

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A bull singing “How We Do” by Rita Ora

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The Wiggles do the wiggle to LMFAO’s “Sexy and I know it”.

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A design flaw in the commonly used exit sign symbol

A design flaw in the commonly used exit sign symbol. The shadow shows the leg parallel with the door frame but this is not how it is in reality.

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Welcome to The Pedantic Nerd blog.

For about six years now, I’ve been putting together articles, taking photos and documenting random observations. Some of these things were posted on my personal Facebook profile, while others were filed away with the intention of one day incorporating them into some sort of website. The trouble was, they all seemed so unrelated to each other that I could not think of a way to classify or even give a name to the site. But then it hit me – most of what I’d compiled came down to two common themes – pedantry and nerdiness – hence I present to you The Pedantic Nerd!

Among the content I’ve compiled are photos I’ve taken of things that were grammatically incorrect, spelled wrong, or just out of place; various things observed through the media or society in general; and other humourous items presented in a nerdy manner. In addition to posting these as I dig them out and make them presentable for the web, I will also be posting new photos and observations as they are encountered so be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed or email newsletter to be alerted to new content!

I look forward to delivering the next post to you very soon!

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