The “people kill people” argument just reinforces the need for gun control!Gun lobbyists: Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Me: That's exactly why we need better gun control laws to stop guns falling into the hands of the wrong people.

Grill'd, Feast, Air Asia and Tune Talk logos

Grill’d, Feast, Air Asia and Tune Talk logos (the last two are the same company)

Brewnette Coffee Van and McDonald's Create Your Taste logos

Brewnette Coffee Van and McDonald’s Create Your Taste logos

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Is it just me or does Ruth Wilson look a lot like Sigrid Thornton?

Ruth Wilson looks like Sigrid Thornton


Tune in for “Bunch of Bogans”, 6-9 weekdays on Nova 106.9

Nova 106.9 Bunch of Bogans 6-9 weekdays

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Maybeline New York Introductory Offer: $10. After Sale Price: $9.95

Seen at Priceline.

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