The “people kill people” argument just reinforces the need for gun control!Gun lobbyists: Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Me: That's exactly why we need better gun control laws to stop guns falling into the hands of the wrong people.


Well, Easter may be over for another year, but that doesn’t mean the chocolate producers can’t continue making Easter eggs under other names throughout the year!

Cadbury Screme Eggs

These eggs are for Halloween.

Cadbury Footy Bites

These eggs aren’t eggs, they’re “footballs”.

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Is Aldi really as cheap as they claim to be? Their catalogues often feature comparisons like the one shown below, stating that their prices are much cheaper compared to other supermarkets. But the trouble with these comparisons is that they are not really fair. Aldi compares the name brand products from other supermarkets with their own generic brand products. If they wanted to provide a truly fair comparison to show that their supermarket is overall cheaper than the competitors, they would compare the generic brand products to the generic brand products stocked by the other supermarkets.

Aldi catalogue comparison from 31st October 2012

I set out to do just that on 8th November 2012. I chose a shopping centre in which Aldi, Coles and Woolworths could all be found, meaning they were in direct competition with each other. I then checked the prices of the products pictured, first at Aldi, to confirm what is stated in the catalogue, and then at Coles and Woolworths, only this time, I noted the prices of the generic brand equivalents at the latter two supermarkets. Where generic brands were not available, I found the best value name brand product. In situations where the size or volume of the product differed, I calculated the comparative price according to the size or volume of the product at Aldi.

Hyperdome shopping centre was chosen as it contains all three major supermarkets. Note: Bilo was excluded as its product range is identical to Coles.

It’s also worth noting that Aldi’s comparison was based on prices as at 19th October 2012, but were not published in the catalogue until the 31st October 2012 edition. Aldi states that they based their "other supermarket" price on the "average prices from six stores in two major supermarket chains in the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane regions". Obviously, my research is not this expansive, but it should still give a good comparison between the prices of products available between supermarkets directly in competition with one another in this shopping centre. While Aldi do not disclose which "two major supermarket chains" are included in the comparison, it is widely known that the two main supermarket chains in Australia are Coles and Woolworths, hence I have included them in my research. There is also a FoodWorks store close by, but it is slightly smaller than a standard supermarket, is open for 24 hours (unlike the other three, thus would have higher overheads) and is lacking in generic brand products compared to the other three, hence I have excluded it from this research out of fairness. Additionally, there is an IGA in the next suburb, but again, this store is lacking in generic brand products, and it is not a supermarket-sized store, i.e. it’s not a "Supa IGA" (it’s really only a convenience store), so it, too, has been excluded from this research.

Okay, so let’s begin the comparison!


First, I checked Aldi in order to check the prices of the products used in their comparison on the same day I checked the other supermarkets’ prices. I found their total price to be 20 cents more than quoted in their catalogue. As noted above, though, the total quoted in the catalogue is based on prices from 19th October 2012, while my research was performed on 8th November 2012.

Product Price
Casa Barelli Spaghetti 500g 0.79
Simplee 2 Minute Noodles 5 pack (425g) 1.09
Cowbelle Tasty Cheese 1kg 6.49
Remano Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4L 16.99
Diplomat Tagged Tea 100 pack (200g) 2.29
Mamia Super Fit New Born Nappies 28 pack 4.99
Forresters Salted Mixed Nuts 375g 2.99
Julius Gold Dry Dog Food 4kg 6.99
Mamia Apple, Banana, Blueberry Squeezy Baby Food 120g 1.49
Baker’s Life Raisin Toast 560g 2.00
Lacura Body Care Nourising Body Moisturiser 500mL 3.99
Protane Extra Firm Hold Hair Spray 400g 3.49
Total: 53.59


Woolworths came in 95 cents more expensive than Aldi if you bought their generic brands instead of Aldi’s. It’s worth noting, though, that Woolworths do not carry a 4 litre generic branded olive oil or raisin toast, so name brand products were compared instead, the latter of which was on special at the time of checking.

Product Price
Homebrand Spaghetti 500g 0.69
Homebrand 2 Minute Noodles 5 pack (425g) 1.09
Homebrand Tasty Cheese 1kg 6.69
Carbonell Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4L 20.00
Homebrand Tagged Tea 100 pack ($1.89 for 185g. Comparative price shown for 200g) 2.04
Homebrand New Born Nappies $9.99 for 56 nappies. Comparative price shown for 28 nappies. 5.00
Homebrand Salted Mixed Nuts 375g 2.99
Homebrand Dry Dog Food 4kg 4.95
Macro Apple, Banana, Blueberry Squeezy Baby Food 120g 1.79
Mighty Soft Raisin Toast ($2.30 for 600g (on special; normally $4.61). Comparative price shown for 560g) 2.15
Homebrand Skin Repair Cream 500mL 3.66
Homebrand Hair Lacquer Maximum Hold ($2.18 for 250g. Comparative price shown for 400g) 3.49
Total: 54.54


Coles came out $2.04 above when comparing their generic branded products to those of Aldi. Coles also did not stock a 4 litre generic branded olive oil, nor did they stock squeezy baby food or body lotion in a generic brand. These had to be replaced with name brand products in the comparison, which cost Coles dearly, as they performed well when comparing their other generic brand products.

Product Price
Smart Buy Spaghetti 500g 0.69
Smart Buy 2 Minute Noodles 5 pack (425g) 1.09
Coles Tasty Cheese 1kg 6.70
La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4L 20.00
Smart Buy Tagged Tea 100 pack ($1.75 for 185g. Comparative price shown for 200g) 1.89
Coles Comfy Bots New Born Nappies $6.00 for 36 nappies. Comparative price shown for 28 nappies. 4.67
Smart Buy Salted Mixed Nuts 375g $3.98 for 500g. Comparative price shown for 375g. 2.99
Smart Buy Dry Dog Food 4kg 4.95
Rafferty’s Garden Blueberries, Banana, Apple Squeezy Baby Food 120g 1.82
Coles Raisin Toast ($2.79 for 600g. Comparative price shown for 560g) 2.60
Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Lotion ($3.72 for 400mL (on special; normally $7.45). Comparative price shown for 500mL) 4.65
Smart Buy Extra Hold Hair Spray($2.24 for 250g. Comparative price shown for 400g) 3.58
Total: 55.63


While Aldi’s total came out $1.50 less than the Woolworths/Coles average, it’s important to consider that some name brand products had to be included in both Woolworths’ and Coles’ comparison as they did not carry generic brand products of the same type that Aldi did. The purpose of this research project was not to disprove that Aldi was the cheaper supermarket, but instead to provide a fairer comparison, comparing apples with apples (or generic brands with generic brands) between the major supermarkets. An average of $55.09 total across the two “other supermarkets” is a far cry from the $88.54 quoted in Aldi’s comparison.

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