“Have you concidered Springwood Central State School?”
Well, I was considering it until I realised that the people they employ to make their ads don’t even know how to spell “considered”!

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Ladbrokes betting agency. You'll be broke indeed.

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All Your Families Tree Care Needs

Okay, where to begin… The third paragraph doesn’t need a comma because there’s only one adjective (“reliable”), not a list of them (“professionals” is the noun).

Also in the third paragraph, “all your families” should be “all your family’s”, unless they’re specifically addressing people with several families, in which case there should be an apostrophe after the s (i.e. “families'”).

If I wanted to be really pedantic, I could also say that there should be a semicolon (or a full stop) in the first paragraph, rather than a comma.

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A few years ago, I came across an online ad for eBay. Here is is:


The reason I saved the ad was because I could not for the life of me work out what the hell that last item is, as demonstrated below:
Catch a Bargain

Is it a shirt with the sleeves in the air? Is it a rabbit head wrapped in curtains? You tell me!

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