Well, Easter may be over for another year, but that doesn’t mean the chocolate producers can’t continue making Easter eggs under other names throughout the year!

Cadbury Screme Eggs

These eggs are for Halloween.

Cadbury Footy Bites

These eggs aren’t eggs, they’re “footballs”.

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Sign on a male public restroom showing icons for ambulatory males, wheelchair-bound males and what appears to be a woman changing a nappy

This bathroom is for use by:

  • Ambulatory males
  • Wheelchair-bound males
  • Males who wear dresses when changing babies’ nappies
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Apple, Elderberry, Pomegranate and Blueberry water has serving suggestion of ingredients in their original form

How am I supposed to serve the apple, elderberry, pomegranate and blueberry in their original forms, as suggested, when the product is sold as a liquid?!

Liar! The power indicator light on this set-top box says it is off, yet the device has to be on to power said light!

The power indicator light on this set-top box says it is “off”, yet the device has to be “on” to power said light!

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Fire Equipment Cupboard

This must be where they keep the matches, kerosene, tinder, kindling and other combustible materials.

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